Opening Exhibition Reception: Meghan Walsh and Miriam Mörsel Nathan


Emerson Gallery--An Fharraige Fheargach: The Fiery Sea
Works by Meghan Walsh
Atrium Gallery--Some Piece of the Nature of Things: Drawings by Miriam Mörsel Nathan
Our first exhibition in the newly re-opened MPA@MCC Emerson Gallery will feature An Fharraige Fheargach: The Fiery Sea, works by Meghan Walsh, a licensed architect and a studio mosaic artist. Meghan’s organically shaped stone and mixed media mosaic sculptures appear to twist and turn, as if trying to slide right off the wall. These hand formed objects are made in partnership with the stone, capturing and encapsulating a sense of past experience, like glaciers or frozen time capsules. Walsh describes the works, which strongly reference landscape, as “primordial connectors or archives of wisdom." They speak of our quickly changing world, tapping into a deep historical perspective as they point out the dignity and beauty found in the communion of unexpected objects.
In the Atrium Gallery, Miriam Mörsel Nathan will exhibit drawings on paper that combine fragmented landscape references, abstract marks and field, and sensitive, meandering line work. Drawing on her background as a poet, the calligraphic and fluid musicality of the written word is sometimes included in the composition as well.
Shows runs September 19 through November 16, 2019. 
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