Vibrant Flower Paintings in Oil (ONLINE)--Joyce Lee


Vibrant Flower Paintings in Oil (ONLINE) 
Classes will be held virtually through Zoom. All levels welcome. Capture the beauty of flowers with new techniques! In this class, we will learn how to capture the quality, the feeling, and the spirit of flowers while exposing you to new techniques. You will learn essential techniques for composing and framing--how to create an under painting and block in major shapes, controlling your values, and how to add textures, highlights, and shadows to add life-like details. Instructor: Joyce Lee 
Classes will be held virtually through Zoom. Students must have their own Zoom account and be familiar with the platform. MPA will provide some basic instruction on how to use Zoom for the class but prior knowledge is highly encouraged. While instructors have recommended supply lists, we understand that at this time it is difficult to get all the recommended supplies. Modifications to supplies will be fine.
16 years-Adults 
9 lessons @ 2.5hrs, $325  
6612.220           Th, 9/24-11/19       10am-12:30 p.m. 
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